Cllr Malcolm Noonan

Malcolm is Social:

As a Green Party Councillor, I stand with the cause of social, economic and environmental justice, very often when it is difficult to do so. I stand for the protection of heritage, campaigning against bad spatial planning. I stand for Traveller and migrant rights, on challenging disadvantage, championing gender equality, disability rights and participation in decision making. I stand for urban development that promotes safe and active mobility i.e. cycling, walking, public transport and innovative models of car ownership through improved infrastructure.

“My political and activist life has been driven by a deep sense of social justice and an urgency on mobilising community towards a sustainable and safe future for all living things.” Cllr Malcolm Noonan

A chairde Glás
As a Green Party Councillor I have had the privilege of representing the people of Kilkenny since 2004. 15 years later and I continue to work on your behalf. I look forward to receiving your 1st preference vote in upcoming Local Elections, May 2019 and the subsequent General Election as Green Party Candidate for Carlow Kilkenny.

Image showing Malcolm in front of Kilkenny Castle. Image links to gofundme fundraising page.
Clicking this link will bring you to Malcolm’s Local Election Campaign fundraiser on All contributions are really appreciated as Malcolm cannot campaign without your support. Page opens in new tab.
Image with out a picture: just Malcolm Noonan's name and tagline "For our shared future" of the local election 2019
Read Malcolm’s Local Election 2019 Campaign Booklet here (opens in new tab and external website – Adobe)