About Malcolm

One of a family of ten children, I have happy memories of my early years growing up within the walls of James Stephens Military Barracks and have lived in Kilkenny City for most of my life.

Image of Malcolm and his wife and 4 children seated on the grass in foreground. Kilkenny Castle is in the background.

Image: Halicka Photography

I have been an elected member of Kilkenny County Council since 2004 and a member of Kilkenny Borough Council from 2004 until it was abolished in 2014. I served as Mayor of Kilkenny from 2009 to 2010; driving an ambitious policy driven agenda. Before that I had a whole other life as a community and environmental activist, a Director of Friends of the Earth Ireland and a key activist in the environmental movement in Ireland.

In 2011 I contested the leadership of the Green Party following John Gormley’s resignation as party leader.

I have held a number of portfolios within the Green Party; Spokesperson for Environment and I am currently Spokesperson for Local Government, Community and Rural Affairs.

My professional work has spanned many diverse areas; as a graphic designer, a landscape gardener, a community educator. In recent years, I worked as a project worker with a Kilkenny based suicide prevention project where I led and steered the development of the first County Suicide Prevention Plan; a template for which has now been replicated across the State.

My academic background is in graphic and industrial design and rural development and I am currently studying towards an MA in International Development at the National University of Ireland in Maynooth.

I am also a musician and artist, taking my place in the culture and arts in Kilkenny. I  have had the privilege of playing in some influential bands down the years.

I am married to Jennie; a childcare practitioner in an outdoor pre-school. We have four children; Colm, Tristan, Stephen and Kitty.