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Green Party claim WWF Report is a call to action

The Green Party has today claimed that Ireland can halt and reverse a global trend in biodiversity loss but that it must be led by Central and Local Government. Ireland Can Take Collective, Community Action to Halt Biodiversity Loss Speaking following the release of a World Wildlife Fund report highlighting staggering loss of vertebrates over

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IFA is not fit for purpose to serve Irish Farming – Green Party

The Green Party has claimed today that the Irish Farmer’s Association is not fit for purpose to serve the best interests of Irish farmers and farm families and that the organisation requires a root and branch overhaul to meet the challenges the sector faces both locally and globally. Speaking following the controversy surrounding revelations of

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Greens: European Parliament vote shows there will be no special deal for agriculture on emissions

Government deluded if it thinks “special case” argument is viable The Green Party today welcomed the vote in the European Parliament to revise EU air quality legislation, setting out national limits on a range of air pollutants. The proposal strengthens the existing rules, and will set new binding targets for 2025 and 2030. Commenting on

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EU and US Trade Deal will decimate Irish Agriculture-Noonan

The Irish Government is leading Irish farmers and the very future of farming itself down a destructive path in supporting a trade deal with the US that will undermine our produce and flood European markets with cheap grain fed beef. That’s the view of Green Party Environment Spokesperson Cllr Malcolm Noonan. Cllr Noonan claims that

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Malcolm Noonan has been a Green Party Kilkenny Borough & County Councillor for 10 years working hard over that time to help create sustainable communities. Vote Malcolm Noonan Kilkenny City West, Local Elections 2014

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