My Hope for No Change 2020

Night shot of Irish Town Kilkenny overlaid with symbols of community such as transport, sport, entertainment, agriculture

It’s somewhat strange to be wishing for nothing to change as a new year dawns but that’s what I hope for the most. It’s probably way too late to hope that our climate won’t change to a point that might put life on earth in real danger but I do hope that we collectively make a monumental effort to prevent such dramatic change over the coming year. 

I hope that our seasons don’t change beyond recognition, to a point where hibernating creatures are confused and wake too soon. I hope that the seas around this beautiful island don’t change to a point where they are no longer able to support marine life. I hope that there is no change in the decline of species; that we manage to halt that decline and turn the story around. 

Most of all I hope that there is no change in the momentum of the flame ignited by Greta and our young people over the year just gone. I hope that they continue to strike, to disrupt, to campaign and fight for system change. This is the only change I hope for in 2020; system change. It can be brought about through collective and collaborative action. I believe that it is now unstoppable. 

The hope, energy and determination of young people remains a constant. It never changes from generation to generation. Only now it is focusing that energy on ensuring that coming generations have a future on a safe planet. So in 2020, I hope that doesn’t change and the campaign builds into a global political and social movement that will topple the elites and vested interests who want nothing to change.

None of us want life on earth to change beyond recognition, none of us want such change to threaten our livelihoods and our children’s futures. None of us wish to change the wonders and joys of social interaction, the wonderment of sharing our cultures, getting together with family, sharing good food, sharing grief and loss, sharing ideas and innovation. We are an endlessly curious species and we have it within us collectively to stop change, to halt the worst impacts of climate change. But first we must all change, change how we do things, how we consume, what we consume and what we currently hold dear. Let’s work together in 2020 to envision a shared future where the diverse cultures that we have shaped over centuries, become valued and don’t change. We must be the change we want to see…. 

Athbliain faoi mhaise díobh go léir- Happy New Year to all